Pros of Shaving Your Face As A Woman

Pros of Shaving Your Face As A Woman

Newsflash: women shave—and they should. 

For decades, female shaving has been seen as somehow counterproductive to beauty goals. Guys, that’s crazy!

Like, we can’t give you a pros and cons list of reasons women should shave, because there are literally only pros of face shaving. 

If you’re a woman who hasn’t jumped on the face shaving train yet, we’re sure you’ve thought about... No one likes waxing and tweezing. Seriously. 

Even if you don’t have dark terminal hairs you want to get rid of, shaving vellus hair (AKA peach fuzz) is not only good for hair removal, but it’s good for EVERY part of your skincare and makeup routine. 

Since skincare is the most important part of looking young, snatched, and beautiful, face shaving should be an absolute non-negotiable in your weekly beauty process. 

Here’s how to shave your face, but today we’re going to break down why you should shave your face and the best tools for doing it. 

Please don’t grab your BF’s razor. Please. There are better things out there for your face! 

Here’s what you need to know: 

Pros of Shaving Your Face As A Woman

Pros of Shaving Your Face As A Woman 

List of Pros of Shaving Your Face As A Woman

Gets rid of unwanted hair.

Well, duh. It’s kind of a given that shaving your face is great for getting rid of unwanted hair. 

Whether you’ve got untamed eyebrows, stray facial hairs, or annoying peach fuzz, face shaving can get rid of all of it. 

And, no, shaving does not cause hair growth. That’s a super annoying skincare myth

Hairs only feel coarser after shaving if you use shitty razors that blunt your peach fuzz and create ingrown hairs. As long as you have quality products, you will not have this experience!

Ditch the wax. Get yourself a good razor! 

Exfoliates the skin.

When you shave, you actually gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells.

These dead skin cells are the main culprits for textured and discolored skin. So, shaving them will make your skin look and feel WAY smoother. 

Here’s more on textured skin if you’re trying to find the root cause of that! 

Makes makeup and product application easier.

With even textured and peach-fuzz free skin ALL your products will absorb and apply way easier. 

Without a barrier of dead skin cells to prevent your moisturizer or face oil from soaking into your skin, you’ll actually see way better results with all your creams, oils, serums, and toners. 

And with a smooth, hair-free surface, your makeup will apply PERFECTLY. No cakey, uneven finish here. 

Told you, face shaving for women is a game changer!

Reduces the look of dark spots and wrinkles.

As you shave your face, you not only get rid of dead skin cells, but exfoliation also stimulates collage production and cell turnover. 

Basically, this means your skin plumps up and creates fresh skin cells. 

Soooo face shaving can basically reverse signs of aging? Yep. 

Don’t you wish you’d started this sooner? That’s what seriously everyone says!!! 

Gives your skin a healthy glow. 

Cell turnover, collagen production, exfoliation . . . all this makes your skin the perfect radiant glow you’ve been looking for!

Who knew? You didn’t need a $300 skincare product. You literally just need to start shaving.


What Should A Woman Use To Shave Her Face?

Gentle Cleanser

First of all, you need a clean face before you can shave. 

Use a gentle cleanser to remove excess oils, dirt, and other gross stuff. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, we still recommend going with something gentle.  

We recommend Elemis Cleansing Balm (splurge option) or CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser (save option) and baby wash-cloths

(Baby wash-cloths are another one of our fave skincare hacks.) 


A high-quality razor is an absolute must for face shaving. 

When you have a good razor, you’ll have a smooth finish every time with no skin irritation, knicks, and cuts, or missed patches of hair! 

We recommend our very own HOT SHAVE RAZOR which was specifically designed to the contours of a female face. And, the handle is meant to fit comfortably in your fingers for the perfect shaving angles. 

It’s made of the best materials and it’s totally refillable, with three replacement blades included! Of course, you can get more refills at The Skinny Confidential Shop

Oh, we forgot to mention it’s pink. 

Yep, the HOT SHAVE RAZOR is the best razor out there for women everywhere. 


Shaving cream or shaving gel not only prevents razor burn, but it adds even more skincare benefits to the face shaving process. 

It nourishes and moisturizes while you shave. 

But don’t just use any old shaving gel or cream, use the first ever (and only!) shaving cream specifically for face shaving women. We’re talking about the HOT SHAVE CREAM

That’s right. Literally curated and formulated for your feminine facial skincare needs. FUCKING AMAZING. 

It’s made with thoughtful ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe leaf juice, sunflower extract, rosemary extract, and vitamin E. Doesn’t that sound luxurious AF?

If you want to buy the HOT SHAVE RAZOR and HOT SHAVE CREAM, get a discount with the SHAVETTE KIT on the shop. 


Even with a high quality razor, shaving can make your skin a little red and warm. 

To soothe any irritation, use the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER

Ice rolling your face can have other benefits too like toning your skin, removing dark circles, encouraging lymphatic drainage, and creating that dewy glow.  

Pop the ice roller in the freezer 15 minutes before use, and then just give yourself the best facial massage of your life. 


Lastly, to hydrate your freshly shaven face, using the ICE QUEEN FACE OIL

It’s made with pomegranate seed oil, raspberry seed oil, and blueberry seed oil, which is perfect for hydrating, moisturizing, regenerating, and protecting your skin. 

Just a few drops applied with your fingers or the PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER will prep your skin for the rest of your skincare routine or today’s makeup look. 

Enjoy PERFECT skin!

Every woman should be shaving their face at least once a week! 

Shaving your face should be a regular part of your weekly skincare routine. It’s that fucking good. 

We hope this post helped debunk some myths and reveal all the benefits of face shaving. For more skincare tips and must-have products, check out The Skinny Confidential Shop blog

No matter what you need, we’ve got advice and products to reach all your #beautygoals. Now, let’s get to shaving!