Does Vellus Hair Turn Terminal?

Does Vellus Hair Turn Terminal?

Let’s talk peach fuzz! Well, first of all, it’s called “vellus hair” officially, and it’s something that many of us find super annoying. Your peach fuzz may appear dark or just add a lot of extra texture to your skin. Either way, both suck for your makeup and skincare goals! 

Though we as women aren’t fans of vellus hair (AKA peach fuzz), a lot of us are scared to shave it. Allll throughout our teen years we were told that if we shave those baby hairs they’ll grow back thicker, darker, and coarser. Basically, shaving = beard. 

Ladies, this is a TOTAL MYTH. Your hair DOES NOT grow back thicker after shaving. So, today we’re going to debunk some stuff, discuss the difference between vellus and terminal hair, and then get into shaving. Here’s the skinny:

Does Vellus Hair Turn Terminal?

Does Vellus Hair Turn Terminal?

In short, yeah, vellus hair turns to terminal hair. When the peach fuzz has long enough to mature, it roots deeper and grows into thick, pigmented hair. The most obvious time this happens is when boys and girls go through puberty. However, you can see it in adults too. 

You can see this transition on guys when their beards start off light and patchy and then over many months turns into the dark, luscious mane worthy of #beardgoals. What you’re seeing there is the transition from vellus hair to terminal hair! 

It works the same for women on certain parts of our body, and you’ll see terminal hair mostly on your scalp, face, armpits, chest, belly, and bikini area. Of course, this varies by person, but those are the main places you see vellus hair turn to terminal hair. 

Also, fun fact, terminal hair can actually turn back into vellus hair as well. Male pattern baldness and any hair loss related to age shows your hair going from terminal to vellus. So, as we get older we see our hair transition back and forth between vellus and terminal. 

What Is Vellus Hair?

Vellus hairs are short, thin hairs that are barely noticeable on the skin. They basically grow all over and usually appear blond—but they’re actually transparent.

Vellus hair follicles are only a couple millimeters long and they don’t reach the sebaceous gland like terminal hairs. They don’t get long or thick and you only really notice them if you have a certain skin tone or when you’re applying makeup over them. 

Do All Vellus Hairs Turn Terminal?

Not all vellus hairs turn terminal. If that were the case, we’d all look like wooly mammoths on our arms and face. Most of our terminal hairs grow on certain parts of our bodies like our head, face, chest, and pubic areas. The rest stay vellus! Where it grows depends on genetics and hormones. 

How Long For Vellus Hairs To Turn Terminal? 

For areas like the face where vellus hairs often transition to terminal hairs, it can take anywhere from 6 weeks - 6 months for the hair to turn terminal. Yeah, it really varies that much!

We’ve all had those stoplight tweezer moments, haven’t we??? We find a single wiry dark hair on our chin that MUST be plucked right away. But, it’s just 1 or 2 hairs. That shows how each follicle matures at different rates! 

Should you shave Vellus Hair?

Should You Shave Vellus Hair?

YES! Shaving your face not only gets rid of those pesky extra hairs, but it also has serious skincare benefits! Let’s first address the obvious . . . 

No, shaving does not strengthen or quicken hair growth in men or women. 

Sometimes people think this because they use a low quality razor that only blunts the hairs, making the hair feel more rough and textured when it grows back. Also, shitty razors will give you bumpy razor burns or ingrown hairs that can fuck up your skincare game for real. 

So, how do you do this shaving thing right??? 

First, get a high quality razor. The Skinny Confidential’s HOT SHAVE RAZOR is a straight razor made for women and it’s the best shaver out there! It gently removes any unwanted facial or body hair super effectively. 

It’s refillable, aesthetic as fuck, and will totally level-up your skincare game—especially when you pair it with the first ever facial shaving cream for women the HOT SHAVE CREAM

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Benefits of Shaving Your Vellus Hair

Benefits of Shaving Your Vellus Hair

Some vellus hairs turn to terminal hairs with enough time, but you can shave it all off!

Alright, so want the best skin ever??? Shave your face! It’s your trick to tight and smooth skin with that natural dewy glow. However, we’re aware that you probably aren’t super familiar with shaving vellus hair or even using a straight razor. (Prepare to fall in love!) 

So, before you pull out that razor and start shaving, read this post on how to shave your peach fuzz! It has a super helpful step-by-step guide to facial shaving. However, you can use these tips really on any part of your body!!! 

Just don’t forget to treat your skin after your luxury shave. Remember, shaving also exfoliates, so your skin needs moisture after that! It might even be a little irritated if your skin is sensitive. We recommend ice rolling! It’s another spa-like skincare experience that has a TON of beauty benefits. 

When you’re grabbing your HOT SHAVE RAZOR, you might as well grab the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER and the ICE QUEEN FACE OIL. Your newly shaven face will thank you for the cool, moisturizing massage!!! 

Anyway, happy shaving! Ditch that peach fuzz and get the SNATCHED skin of your dreams. For more must-have beauty products and skincare hacks, check out The Skinny Confidential Shop. We’ve got the latest on skincare and beauty!!!