How To Shave Peach Fuzz

how to shave peach fuzz for women

This post isn’t for the man in your life. 

No, ma’am. This post is for YOU. 

This is for every badass woman out there who loves skincare hacks and is sick of unwanted facial hair growth.

Did you know you can shave your face as a woman??? Yep. And, there should be no shame in your razor game. 

In this post we’ll talk all about how you can shave your face in a way that’s pampering, purposeful, and just peachy. 

If you’re ready to say buh-bye to your extra body hair, use this guide to shaving your peach fuzz:

what is peach fuzz

How To Shave Peach Fuzz

First of all . . . let’s quiet those stupid ass myths. NO. Shaving your face does not make your hair grow back thicker

Total skincare myth

Did the same person that told you that ALSO tell you to shave against the grain and only use hot water on your face? Yeah. . . we’re going to go ahead and stop listening to that person. 

Shaving your facial hair is not only “allowed,” but it actually soothes the fuck out of your skin. It’s super good for your face. It’s basically at-home dermaplaning, sooooo shaving isn’t a chore or a skincare no-no, it’s a motherfucking spa treatment, ladies. 

Point is, shave your face without shame. 

What Is Peach Fuzz?

What even is peach fuzz? You probably know what it looks like and you’ve probably seen it in your photos. It’s that really fine body hair that grows all over. But, what is it actually for?

Peach fuzz is actually “vellus hair,” which grows to help regulate body temperature. From an evolutionary POV, the hairs are there to whisk away sweat and keep you warm. 

But today, we’ve got cashmere sweaters and non toxic deodorant (unless you're like Lauryn and prefer not to wear it). So, if you don’t like 

the way your vellus hair grows and looks on certain parts of your party, shave it off. We really don’t need that shit anymore.

Guys, the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and CLEOPATRA, shaved their faces. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t shave your face . . . cuz IDK about you, but anything Cleopatra is doing we’re fucking doing too. LOL.

benefits of shaving peach fuzz

Benefits Of Shaving Peach Fuzz

We’ve been mentioning benefits to shaving peach fuzz, and, trust us, there are plenty. You can read more details about the benefits and read our shaving tips and tricks HERE. But, as they say, here’s the skinny:

  • Gets rid of unwanted hair
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Creates the perfect canvas for makeup application
  • Brightens the skin
  • Helps skin care products soak in better
  • Reduces the look of dark spots and wrinkles
  • Increases cell turnover for a more refreshed look 

how to shave peach fuzz

How To Properly Shave Peach Fuzz? 

Step One: Prep your skin.

Let’s get to shaving! But, don’t go right in there with a razer and start slicing and dicing. Our face requires a little extra love when it comes to shaving and skincare, so let’s take it slow.

You need to prep your face for shaving. To do this, use a gentle cleanser like Elemis cleansing balm or, if you have sensitive skin, CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. Do whatever you need to do based on your skin type to get a clean face with no irritation. 

Then, pat your skin dry. We’re going to wet it again in just a sec, but do it here just to make sure you remove any remaining cleaner that could sit on your skin and dry it out. 

Step Two: Apply HOT SHAVE CREAM. 

Next, get your skin a little damp again and add your HOT SHAVE CREAM. Our HOT SHAVE CREAM is the first of its kind and it’s fucking revolutionary—it’s a facial shaving cream for women! 

The HOT SHAVE CREAM is not the same old shave gel or cream with the same nasty ass ingredients just repackaged for women. This cream is AMAZZZING. 

It not only gives you that perfect glide to prevent ingrown hairs, skin irritation, and cuts, but it’s also FULL of rich emollients and hydrating humectants to nourish your skin and keep it baby smooth. (Even after rinsing.) 

Anyway . . . apply this all over your face. You read right, ALL OVER your face, not just your chin and incoming stache. Your skin will love you for this. <3

Step Three: Shave with the HOT SHAVE RAZOR . . . but take breaks to clean those blades.

Finally, it’s time to shave. We recommend the HOT SHAVE RAZOR that, again, is specifically designed for women. It makes shaving your face a god damned luxurious experience. You can learn more about why it’s the best ever HERE

To shave, simply pull your skin taut, and hold the razor at a 45-degree angle. Do short downward strokes to remove the peach fuzz. 

The shaving cream will be your guide and show you where you still have to shave. 

Wait a minute . . . but the shaving cream is everywhere? You literally want me to shave my forehead? 


Because, shaving isn’t just to remove hair. That’s usually the first reason ladies pick up a razor, however, remember all those benefits of shaving that we talked about above? Doesn’t ALL your face deserve that kind of spa treatment? 

As you shave, you’ll gently exfoliate the top layer of your face like a dermaplaning treatment, scraping off dead cells and encouraging cell turnover. 

When those cells are prompted to regenerate, your skin will be looking younger, softer, and totally radiant. Shaving your face really is a game changer. 

Oh, one more thing. Make sure you stop and clean your razor after cleaning each section of your face. This will help prevent nicks and give you a smooth shave all around. 

Then, rinse and gently wipe off any leftover shaving cream. 

Step Four: Use our HOT MESS ICE ROLLER to cool the skin. 

It’s normal for your skin to be a little red and warm at this point, so use the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER to cool down and soothe any irritation. 

Ice rolling has other benefits too like freezing way dark circles, toning your skin, and giving you that incredible dewy glow.

So, anyway, give yourself a quick little massage with the ice roller. 

Step Five: Massage ICE QUEEN FACE OIL onto your face with PINK BALLS FACIAL MASSAGER.  

Oh, but did you think that was the only massage you were going to get? Nope. Remember, girlfriend, this skincare process is like a deluxe spa session. 

Anyway, use the ICE QUEEN FACE OIL, which can restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier, replenish hydration, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply 3-5 drops onto your hands and then press it onto your skin. 

Once it’s on your skin, use the PINK BALLS FACIAL MASSAGER to smooth it over your face for an even coat. 

Roll upward across your jawline, cheeks, and nose. It helps apply an even coat of face oil, but it also gives you a fucking INSTANT face lift. (Hang up on Dr. Garth. We won’t need him where we’re going.) 

Step Five: Follow up with serum and your other fav products. 

Finally, you’re ready for your other skincare products! 

Our founder and CEO Lauryn Evarts Bosstick shaves her face once a week before bed, and she shares her nighttime skincare routine HERE if you need recommended products! 

At the very least, we recommend the SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense serum to brighten your skin, correct dark spots, and even out your skin tone.

Now, when you look in the mirror, don’t be alarmed. Your skin might look drastically different. It’ll be glowing and fucking GORGEOUS by the end of this routine. 

Baby, you’re just gonna shave it off, shave it off!

We hope that you read that in a T-Swift voice. If you didn’t, that’s fine too. 

All you need to know is shaving your face is totally allowed and totally good for you. Add it into your skincare routine today and don’t forget to get your hands on all these incredible products.

Each one is super fucking good quality and has loads of benefits for your skin. Plus, the baby pink and pastel purples look so cute all together for an aesthetic vanity moment. 

Anyway, you can buy the products in bundles or you can pick one up at a time as you’re getting used to this life-changing skincare routine. We’ll see all you glowing goddesses next week for our next blog post!