Lauryn Evarts Bosstick had jaw pain since she was a little girl. She would grind her teeth and ALWAYS be attempting to pop her jaw back in to place. Finally she made the difficult decision to undergo double jaw surgery. The doctors told her she would be very swollen for weeks.

Little did she know, the swelling effects would last for  years. Lauryn dealt with having facial swelling, puffiness & face bloat. After trying everything for facial swelling, she finally discovered a way to combat her puffiness.

In 2015 she searched ‘jaw surgery ice’ on Amazon. Voila! She quickly ordered the ice roller. After using it every single day she found it helped with lymphatic drainage, circulation & curing puffiness...BUT there were issues with the roller. There was no ice roller on the market that stayed cold longer than 2 minutes so she would have to keep putting it in freezer (annoying), it was not branded and just ugly, the roller squeaked, & it wasn’t sturdy. This is when Lauryn saw a gap in the market- an opportunity to bring a solution to people who were sick of waking up with bloat, puff or wine face after too much chilled rosé. She set out to create a new one, with a very The Skinny Confidential spin. Lauryn went straight to her community of readers & listened to all their beauty concerns & problems. Through working direct with her community, she set out to build THE HOT MESS, an ice roller on crack. It’s everything you could ever want for facial swelling: the ice roller’s pink material stays cold for at least 30 minutes, that’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s very much sturdy & will drain the fuck out of the face. CONTOUR! Along with that, she created an ice queen oil that pairs well the roller because it cools the face down and it’s filled with antioxidants and vitamins.

Lauryn is set out to redefine the preventative beauty industry with on-the-pulse tools, no fluff effective consumables, & a spitfire incredible community.