What Causes Textured Skin

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When we see pictures on Insta, it seems like everyone has baby-soft skin. Newsflash, these are filters!!! A lot of us don’t naturally have effortlessly airbrushed skin. 

Instead, our skin may have bumps, dark patches, scarring, and uneven skin tones. However, there are a ton of ways to get the smooth skin you’re dreaming of!! 

But before you can think about treating textured skin, you need to understand what’s causing the problem. Then, it’s all about grabbing the right products off the shelves. 

Listen, ladies, that Instagram filter skin is possible with the right skincare routine. Here’s everything you need to know about textured skin:

What Causes Textured Skin + Best Products

What Causes Textured Skin


Aging is one of the big culprits of uneven, textured skin. Your body produces less collagen, struggles to stay moisturized, and accumulates more dead skin when you're older. All this can leave your skin seriously looking like a piece of unbuttered toast.

Dead Skin Cells

Speaking of dead skin cells... what’s the deal with those?? Basically, our skin naturally repairs itself, developing fresh, smooth skin cells regularly to keep your skin looking snatched.

However, sometimes those dead skin cells don’t shed off like they’re supposed to. Instead, they sit on top of your new skin cells. This can cause that textured appearance. 

It’s annoying, yes, but guess what that means??? There’s baby smooth skin somewhere underneath the rough patches and uneven skin texture. We just need to get rid of those dead skin cells!! 

Acne Scarring

If you have acne-prone skin or you did have acne-prone skin, your face may have rough and discolored scars from past pimples. The grooves and slopes of the scars might be what’s making your skin look dull and uneven. 

We’ve got some tools to help, but if you’re still struggling with acne. Read this post on how to reduce cystic acne. It’s a must-read! 

What Causes Textured Skin

Enlarged Pores

Okay, so, a big skincare myth is that you can shrink your pores. Sorry, hun, but your pore size is just your pore size. You can’t make them smaller and they could be the reason your skin looks bumpy or rough. 

BUT, just because you can’t shrink them doesn’t mean we can’t make them look smaller. We can reduce the appearance of pores to help you get the glowing skin of your dreams. Start with this post on how to deep clean pores and then we’ll recommend some products below. :)  


Dry skin is a big reason your skin is textured. When your skin doesn’t get enough moisture, you’ll see all sorts of bumps and cracks. You need to maintain your moisture barrier and make sure lotions and oils are part of your skincare routine. We can ditch the dryness with the right regiment

Sun Damage

Remember when we said that your skin may be textured because of aging? Well... damage from the sun can cause premature aging. That means dark spots, rough patches, extra wrinkles, and dullness. YIKES!

And, no, that’s not just after a sunburn. Your skin can actually be damaged by the sun anytime you don’t have protection. So, sunscreen and protective clothing are SUPER important if you want to keep or restore your youthful skin. 

Skin Conditions

Eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea can all cause rough skin. These skin conditions can be difficult to battle and flares up can really steal your glow—but don’t worry! We’ve got some of the best products to get back that youthful glow, regardless of your skin type. Here are our faves:

best products for textured skin
7 Best Products For Textured Skin 

Exfoliation is HUGE for textured skin. All those nasty dead skin cells are just sitting there freeloading on your face. They have no place there! Luckily, gently exfoliating by shaving can have multiple smooth skin benefits.

The razor will shave off hair AND scrape away dead skin cells—both of these things will improve skin texture! No more peach fuzz or flaky skin cells getting in the way of your look. Just add shaving once a week to your skincare routine.

We recommend the SHAVETTE KIT which includes the HOT SHAVE RAZOR and the HOT SHAVE CREAM. They’re both specifically designed for a female face (yes, the first facial shave cream EVER for women) to achieve a super smooth finish. Radiant skin, here we come!!

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel

We love Dr. Dennis Gross and his LEGENDARY peels. Chemical peels are one of the best ways to get smooth skin! (You can learn his smooth skincare tips in this episode of the Him & Her Podcast.) 

The BHAs/AHAs can exfoliate and promote cell turnover for more new skin cells to replace the old. Then, the hyaluronic acid can hydrate and plump up your skin. All of this together will definitely help you reach your beauty goals!!!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Collagen production slows down as you age, but we NEED it for beautiful-looking skin. Luckily, you can take a collagen supplement to replace what’s lost. 

We love Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides—specifically, we love the mixed berry flavor. But, there are plenty of flavor options to choose from! 

But, if you don’t get the mixed berry, then you can’t make this DELISH collagen mixed berry oatmeal from our founder Lauryn Bosstick. So, there’s that. (Just get the mixed berry lol.) 

Supergoop Sunscreen

Sunscreen and protective clothing are the best ways to keep your skin looking fresh. Supergoop sunscreen is a great choice—especially their setting spray that puts sunscreen over your makeup

You need to apply sunscreen every day regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going. Ladies, even your computer and phone light can damage your skin!! Get that fucking sunscreen on.

Bonus Product: Protective clothing like hats and sunglasses are a must, but don’t forget BOUGIE DRIVING GLOVES too. They’re chic, and pink, and will help keep your skin silky smooth. 


The ICE QUEEN FACE OIL is essential for getting glowing skin because all the nutrients in the oil help boost and maintain hydration. Plus, it has vitamin C which is an essential skincare ingredient. (You can learn more about that with Dr. Gross in this episode of the Him & Her Podcast.) 

Oh, but that’s not all! The ICE QUEEN FACE OIL also helps protect your skin from the sun, promote collagen production, and prevent your pores from getting clogged. Umm... sounds like this product checks all the boxes, right??? Yep. It’s that good. 

Bonus Products: To make your face oil application luxurious as fuck, apply it with the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER or the PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER. Or both. Treat yourself.

Dr. Dennis Gross Texture Renewal Serum

Here’s another one from the GOAT Dr. Dennis Gross. This serum has retinol, which helps even skin tone and reduce rough textures. It can also clear blemishes, diminish the appearance of pores, promote collagen production, and moisturize the hell out of your skin!

Apply this after your cleanser and toner for the best benefit. It’ll totally help your skin retain your moisturizer afterward too. 

Skinceuticals Purifying Cleanser

This last one is a cleanser! We don’t recommend spending a ton on cleansers, because they’re on your face for, like, two seconds, but you still want to get a decent one for your money. This SkinCeuticals one is a great price and will help your smooth skin goals! 

It’s made with glycolic acid, which is a natural exfoliant that will help get rid of those dead skin cells and keep pores clear. The mixture also includes glycerin, which will give you your hydration boost. Seriously, it’s a great cleanser! 

There are a lot of reasons for textured skin, but there are lots of ways to reverse it! 

Textured skin is the worst. Your skin looks dull, your makeup doesn’t apply well, and you lose your confidence. Ditch that shit with these helpful tips and product recs. You can get your skin back to beautiful in no time!!! Just don’t forget to hang with us every week for more skincare tips and check out the shop for the best skincare products evaaa. Your vanity is ready to be stocked with The Skinny Confidential’s skincare line!!!