Why is Taking Care of Your Skin Important?

Why is Taking Care of your Skin ImportantIt’s not all about looks, people. Our skin is more than a beautiful, dewy canvas for makeup, tattoos, and piercings. 

Our skin actually plays an integral role in our health! 

Let’s not forget that our skin is an organ . . . and the largest organ in the body at that. 

So, obvi it’s going to be super important not only to make that shit LOOK healthy, but actually BE healthy too.

So, today, we’re going to be talking about why taking care of your skin is so fucking important. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Why is Taking Care of your Skin Important

Why is Taking Care of Your Skin Important?

Your skin protects your body. 

Your skin is basically a filter for all the bad shit that comes from our environment. Bacteria, chemicals, and even UV rays reach our body and secretions and pigment on our skin actually block it out.

If our skin is healthy, this means we don’t get sick as much and we’re protected from some pretty serious diseases, too. But, if your skin is super dry and sun damaged, it won’t be able to do its job.

Help your skin help you. Take care of it!!! 

Skin cancer is no joke. 

Every time you get a tan, every time you let yourself burn a little, and every time you go anywhere without sunscreen, you’re putting yourself at risk of skin cancer. 

Melanoma, AKA skin cancer, is one of the most common types of cancer in the U.S. No surprise there, right? We DO NOT have a good track record of taking care of our skin. 

Though skin cancer isn’t usually fatal, it still fucks with your body and causes tons of skin problems. You could have scarring, hyperpigmentation, textured skin, lymphedema, muscle damage, numbness, pain, and worse! 

Plus, once you get skin cancer, it can put you at a way higher risk of getting other, more deadly cancers. Soooo, don’t fuck around with sunscreen and skincare. 

Healthy skin helps you look your fucking best. 

Okay, I know we said that looks weren’t everything, but it is something. Healthy skin makes us look our best!

Your makeup and other products will apply much easier to healthy skin. And, healthy skin is like the fountain of youth in the beauty world. 

Want to look young and snatched??? Take care of your skin!

Good skincare boosts your confidence. 

When we look our best, we feel our best. Good skincare can seriously give you a mega confidence boost, just because you know you’re presenting your true self—the healthiest version of you!!! 

Prioritize your skincare goals and experience the benefits of having healthy, radiant skin. 

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Wear sunscreen ALL THE TIME. 

How often should you wear sunscreen??? Pretty much all the time. 

There are UV rays everywhere: even in the shade, even when driving a car, even at your computer, and even under fluorescent lights at the grocery store. 

No matter the type of UV light, it can be damaging to your skin. Damage means wrinkles, signs of aging, scarring, texture, and maybe even skin cancer. No, thank you!!!

Always wear sunscreen and reapply it regularly to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. You can learn more about it in this episode of our founder, Lauryn Bosstick’s, limited podcast series Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun

Stay away from the tanning beds. 

If just not wearing sunscreen can damage your skin, you better believe tanning and burning your skin will damage it!

Spending your days baking in a tanning bed will age your skin soooo fast. The cost of that sun-kissed skin is dark spots, wrinkles, and an increased risk of cancer! Yikes.

Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated is sooo important for healthy skin. Think about it. If you don’t drink enough water, where’s your skin going to get enough moisture to stay glowing and dewy???

First thing in the morning, start hydrating, and keep it up all throughout the day. If regular water isn’t your vibe, try coconut water, morning spa water, or Lauryn’s pink detox drink

Oh! And might as well put a humidifier by the bed to let your skin soak in as much moisture as possible before your morning skincare routine. 

It’s allll about hydration, ladies. 

Invest in quality skincare tools. 

Good tools go a long way. A cheap razor, a cheap cloth, a cheap roller, and a cheap massager are going to give you cheap results. It’s just the way it is. 

Now that you know that skincare is really important for your health, treat yourself to some high-quality skincare products like ours from The Skinny Confidential Shop

Get a good night’s sleep. 

Wanna know our number one beauty secret??? A good night’s sleep. 

Sleep is so important to all aspects of our health. It’s honestly sad that we prioritize it so little, because putting it first could honestly help us so much!

As far as your skin goes, good sleep increases blood flow, rebuilds collagen, repairs damage from the sun, and regulates oil production. Okay, that seems to check ALL the skincare boxes. 

So, without good sleep, your skin can’t stay moist and firm. Plus, it can’t repair itself after sun damage, leading to all sorts of crappy effects like wrinkles and textured skin. 

Needless to say, you need to get some sleep. If you need some help, check out this post on optimal sleep tips for a great night’s rest. 

Have a simple, consistent skincare routine. 

Keeping your skin healthy isn’t complicated. Your skincare routine should be intentional, duh, but not overly complicated. We’ll share an easy guide below that’ll help you be super strategic about your skincare routine! 

Use a skincare planner.

Once you have a good routine, sticking to it is important. To keep your skin healthy and glowing 24/7, you cannot miss a day of skincare. 

We like to organize all of our skincare goals and routines using the HOT MINUTE PLANNER

YES, it’s a planner for your skincare. You might be thinking, “Why do I need that???” Well . . . how consistent is your skincare? There you go. That’s why you need it. (It’s why we ALL need it.) 

Basic Skincare Routine

Step 1: Wash with a mild cleanser. (Nothing super harsh).

First up, wash your face with a mild cleanser. This shouldn’t be something super harsh that’ll destroy your moisture barrier and it also doesn’t need to be really expensive. Cleanser is on your face for like two seconds. 

We recommend using CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser for sensitive/dry skin, Elemis for normal/oily skin, and Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser for acne-prone skin. Apply your cleanser with baby washcloths regardless of your skin type to make the cleansing process super gentle on your face. 

Step 2: Ice roll!

Next, it’s time to ice roll. This may not be something you have in your Caboodle right now, but, let us tell you, ice rolling is amazing for your skin. The HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is a must-have.

It can help reduce puffiness, even your skin tone, and tighten your skin. Plus, it preps your skin for other skincare products and makes them absorb way better, so don't skip this step. (You won’t want to. It feels amazing.) 

Here’s more on the benefits of ice rolling. And, we even have some before and afters for you HERE.

Step 3: Apply toner.

Next is toner! This will moisturize, protect, and refresh your skin. We like Holi(Water) Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Acid Toner, Witch Hazel, and Darphin’s Intral Facial Toner

Step 4: Apply eye cream. 

Who else wakes up with puffy under eye bags??? Yeah. The worst. 

Eye cream can help. Choose from this list of The Skinny Confidential team’s fave eye creams or grab some eye pads!

Step 5: Use a hydrating face oil or serum. 

Now, it’s time to hydrate with face oil or serum (or both.) 

The ICE QUEEN FACE OIL helps restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier while rehydrating your skin. It’s also packed with amazing active ingredients that protect your skin and make it look healthy and gorgeous!!! 

For a good serum option, go with Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Serum. It has vitamin C in it, which is incredible for your skin. You can hear more about that from Dr. Dennis himself in this episode of TSC: Him & Her Podcast

Step 6: Moisturize! 

Hydration is key! The oil and serum is a great start, but seal it all in with a great moisturizer. Some of our fave products are Cetaphil Moisturizer, Epicuren Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream, and Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench.

Step 7: Massage your face. 

At this point, your skin will be absolutely GLOWING. At the end of your routine, give yourself a much-deserved sculpting facial massage with the PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER

Or, if you really loved ice rolling, get the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER out again. 

Step 8: Wear sunscreen. 

You knew this was coming . . . sunscreen is a must! 

Finish your routine with your first sunscreen application (of many). Zo Skin Health Daily SPF, Elta MD Oil-Free SPF, and Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen Lotion are some of the best for daily skincare. 

Taking care of your skin is not only about beauty, but about your health too!

Have you worked out a new routine yet??? We hope so! Use these product recs, beauty tips, and skincare wisdom to make smart choices for your body!

Healthy skin will keep you looking and feeling your best, so don’t snooze on this beauty hack. Take your skincare seriously! 

For more tips and tricks, check out The Skinny Confidential Shop blog—and don’t forget to stop by the TSC shop to pick up all your must-have skincare tools and products. We got you!!!