Do You Use An Ice Roller Before or After Skincare?

do you use an ice roller before or after skincare

Ice rolling is one of our favorite things EVER. At its core, it’s pretty simple. You take an ice roller—no, not a jade roller or a gua sha tool, an ice roller—and you roll it all over your face and body. Not only does it feel super good, but it also has A TON of benefits for your skin from de-puffing to contouring, making it the latest (and greatest) skincare must-have. 

Anytime someone recommends a new skincare product or tool, there’s always a little bit of confusion. How do you use it??? When do you use it??? What does it even do??? So, we’re using this post today to help you add ice rolling to your daily skincare routine. Here’s how to do it:

ice rolling before or after skincare

Do You Use An Ice Roller Before or After Skincare?

You should always use your ice roller BEFORE your skincare routine. Why??? Because ice rolling preps your skin and helps your products apply way better. Plus, who wants lotion and stuff all over their roller?

The temperature and roller combined increase blood flow to your face, which is why you get better absorption from your products if you apply them after ice rolling. (This is also why the ice part is sooo important. You can’t just go with any face roller!) 

There are lots of other benefits of ice rolling beyond the product application benefits. Here are some of the top reasons we LOVE ice rolling: 

benefits of ice rollers

What Are The Benefits Of Ice Rollers?

Improves skin tone
Soothes painful, itchy, or irritated skin 
Improves dark circles
Reduces redness
Helps products better absorb into your skin
Helps you cool down after working out or being in the sauna 
Wakes you up in the morning  
Contours the fuck out of your face
how to use an ice roller on your face

How To Use An Ice Roller On Your Face

Step 1: Get the right ice roller.

Some ice rollers out there are just shit. Limp dick handles and squeaky stainless steel rollers that only stay cold for a few minutes. Oh! And, they’re sometimes SUPER small and break after a few months. Not a fan.  

If you’re gonna use this every day, you NEED a high-quality ice roller. Luckily, the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER exists and people are in love. Of course, we love it too. Here are a few reasons why it’s the best one out there: 

Aluminum roller that stays cold for a super long time
Sturdy silicone handle for the best grip
Large size to cover more surface area faster
Hot pink and fucking cute as hell
Step 2: Leave the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER in the freezer for at least 15 minutes. 

Before you use your HOT MESS ICE ROLLER, you need to have it in the freezer for at least 15 minutes. You could definitely just stick it in the freezer overnight after evening skincare or all day after your morning routine, but if you forget, 15 minutes will get the roller super fucking cold. 

Step 3: Use it every day, twice a day. 

You should be using your ice roller in the morning, first thing when you wake-up & in the evening before bed. This will give you the most benefits! But, honestly, use it whenever tf you feel like it. 

There are tons of reasons to cool down with an ice roll outside of your daily skincare routine. Here are some ways to use the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER in your everyday life. 

Step 4: Always use it BEFORE your skincare routine.

As we mentioned, we recommend using your HOT MESS ICE ROLLER before your skincare routine. (But, make sure your face is washed before you use it.) It soothes your skin and prepares it for all your products . . . however, a lot of facialists recommend doing it after. So, just experiment with what feels the best for you. 

Step 5: Roll it from your head to your tits for at least 10 minutes. 

Now, it’s time to face roll! Ice roll from your forehead to your tits for at least 10 minutes. Really, do it however feels best for you, but if you want a massage specifically great for lymphatic drainage, check out our girl @theodisseya in this video

This is the best way to de-puff, remove toxins, and get that snatched Instagram filter skin you’ve been dreaming of. SERIOUSLY. That fucking good.

Step 6: Pair it with the ICE QUEEN FACE OIL.

You can use the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER on your bare face, but for optimal benefit, try it with the ICE QUEEN FACE OIL.  

It’s perfect to use before you’ve applied your skincare products, because it can restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier and tighten up your skin. It creates the perfect canvas for your beauty and make-up products!!!

Step 7: Rinse it off after each use and clean it weekly.

Rinse off your HOT MESS ICE ROLLER and pat it dry with a baby washcloth every time you use it. Then, every week, clean it with warm water and a couple drops of soap. You can get more deets on the cleaning process HERE

Step 8: Dry it off and return it to its SLEEPING BAG.  

Make sure your HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is completely dry and then tuck it back into its SLEEPING BAG. Then, the whole thing can head to the freezer.  

The SLEEPING BAG is the perfect home for your HOT MESS ICE ROLLER to keep your tool protected, cold, and free from bad smells (hello freezer burnt peas from 2001). 

Step 9: Carry on with your skincare routine. 

Now, it’s time to do your thing!!! Carry on with the rest of your skincare routine and be amazed by how much better you feel and look after your ice rolling session! 

We recommend you ice roll BEFORE your skincare routine. 

The HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is a skincare essential!!! Just make sure you know how to use it for maximum benefit using this post. (You can find more useful content like this on our blog!) 

We hope this helped you up your skincare game! Make sure to check out The Skinny Confidential Shop for more must-have beauty tools.