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There is no one out there who doesn't want clear, smooth, and glowing skin

Luckily, with the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER, anyone can start taking care of their skin in a super luxurious and effective way. 

As you guys know, we don’t gatekeep. There are SO MANY benefits of ice rolling, literally everyone should get in on it. Ice rolling helps with reducing face puffiness, evening out your skin tone, tightening your skin, soothing sore muscles, and creating a goddess-like glow to your face. 

But, don’t take our word for it! There are thousands who’ve tried the best-ever ice roller from The Skinny Confidential and realized what it could do for them. 

So, today, we’re going to show you some of those AMAZING results that came from our HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. Here’s what regular goddesses, influencers, and bloggers everywhere have to say:

Ice Roller Before and After Testimonials

Ice Roller Before and After Testimonials

Ice rolling isn’t just any old skincare practice, it’s seriously like a spa treatment. 

When you apply pressure and give yourself that gentle roll with the ice cold roller, it feels SO fucking good, and you can see such a drastic result when you’re done! (Take a look at our founder and CEO Lauryn Bosstick’s amazing transformation after her double jaw surgery.) 

She’s not the only one that’s seen change, though. Here’s what we’ve heard from the women that use the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER daily:

“I have had other ice rollers before, but they get messy and don’t stay cold very long.”

Tara from Babe on a Mish is a flight attendant, who deals with puffiness A LOT. 

Like many others, she’s tried tons of ice rollers, and most of them are just junky and not very functional. The HOT MESS ICE ROLLER on the other hand . . . stays cold and works great every time! 

She says this is a must-have tool if you run puffy, retain water, or need to roll out tension. After she got the roller, Tara went right back and bought the ICE QUEEN FACE OIL to go with it. Yasssss Queen!!!

“The roller feels smooth and elegant on the skin; you don't really need an oil for extra slip.”

Anbita Reddy of Pop Sugar loves The Skinny Confidential’s take on skincare mixed with self-care. 

She gets terrible migraines, so she not only uses the ice roller to lift her face and soothe irritated skin, but she uses it to relieve tension headaches. Honestly, SO smart! 

“The benefits of an ice roller actually blew my mind.”

Megan McKay uses the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER after she puts on her serums and moisturizer and has seen HUGE change. 

She loves how her skin feels tighter and looks more even. Plus, the promotion of lymphatic drainage makes ice rolling feel like a total no-brainer. 

“I am obsessed with this.”

Hailey Jensen ice rolls every morning to wake herself up, de-puff her skin, and get rid of dark circles. She loves the quality of the ice roller, especially the extra weight from the stainless steel materials. It’s the perfect massage and skincare tool!

“Can’t start my morning routine without it.”

The HOT MESS ICE ROLLER has become an essential skincare item for so many people. The influencer at The Well Tea thinks it’s so vital for her routine that she has multiple for her house and for travel. 

That’s dedication! But, it only makes sense when one tool can boost circulation, shrink pores, reduce puffiness, and aid in lymphatic drainage. (All of that is super important when traveling.) What other tool do you have in your vanity that can do so many things?  . . . we’ll wait. 

jawline sculpting tool

“Best quality ice roller I’ve ever used.” 

Not only does Lexi Hensler love the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER because it’s pink, but because it’s the BEST quality ice roller she’s ever used. 

Ice rolling has been a part of her skincare routine for a long time and agrees that the investment into this quality ice roller is totally worth it. 

Check out her video, because she shows the CRAZY difference between her face before and after ice rolling. Ladies, we’re telling you this shit works!

“Best self-care I can do for myself.”

Mikay LaRay showcases how the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER sculpts your jawline and keeps everything taught. She loves how it’s great for lymphatic drainage and feels SO FUCKING good. 

She’s hungover in the video and says it’s the ultimate self-care moment. LOL. 

“This is great for hot and cold therapy, which I definitely recommend as a yoga teacher.”

Yoga influencer Karina Cardella uses the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER all over. She loves the ergonomic fit and how freaking cold it stays all the time. As a yoga teacher, she 100% recommends hot and cold therapy using the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. 

The best part? Once you get your hands on your roller, you can follow her Insta yoga routine and give yourself a full body massage using this perfect ice roller! 

“The only cold thing I use during my period.”

Ever had period swelling? It’s the absolute fucking worse. You already feel like shit, and then boom, you get puffy skin too. 

Influencer Amanda Fowler doesn’t let the swelling get the best of her, and she uses the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER to get rid of the puffiness!

“The minute it touches your skin it’s instantly refreshing and I do find there is a noticeable tightening effect.”

Here’s another skeptic turned into a believer. Katherine Garbarino at The Glow Blog had tried ice rolling before, but was not prepared for the deluxe experience of the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. 

She now uses the ice roller for 3-5 minutes every day, and uses them over top of sheet masks and eye patches when she feels swollen.

Bonus review: Katherine has a friend that bought the ice roller to use on her kids when they get banged up and bruised playing around. It covers so much more ground than other icing options, and it feels SO superior. 

jaw sculpting tools

Everyone agrees, the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is worth the hype.

If you weren’t a believer before, we’re sure your mind has changed. Seriously, people are seeing our ice roller everywhere because influencers and bloggers cannot stop using it. There is just no better way to get all the benefits that come with ice rolling! 

We’re guessing you’re ready to buy like ASAP, so head over to The Skinny Confidential shop to find the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER and browse our other products. Make sure to look at our kits for serious $$$$ savings on the products you need NOW!