What Does Ice Rolling Do For Your Face?

Sometimes we wake up and our face looks a little less than ideal. We’re talking patchy skin, puffy cheeks, dark circles, and sagging skin. UGHHH. Nothing feels worse than trying to apply make-up on a face that doesn’t even feel like your own because of a late night with one too many spicy margaritas. 

Luckily for all you ice queens, there’s a really easy way you can revive your skin. So, today, we’re discussing the ice rolling trend! We’ve got all the facts on what ICE ROLLING can do for your face. And if you need a refresher, there’s a full breakdown on how to use an ice roller *clears throat* correctly, here

NOW, here’s the DL on ice rolling and why you need to add it to skincare routine YESTERDAY. 

What does ice rolling do for your face

What Does Ice Rolling Do For Your Face?

Ice rolling does so much for your face. It can not only improve your appearance by reducing redness and swelling (along with more, but we’ll get to that in a bit), but ice rolling has medicinal benefits too. 

In fact, creator of the BEST ice roller out there & our bestie, Lauryn Bosstick, was inspired to create this while recovering from a rough double-jaw surgery that took years to recover from. If you’re an avid reader of The Skinny Confidential, you know the story. 

But for those of you just joining the conversation, rollers did a ton to reduce  swelling and pain as her face ballooned like one of those LED Coachella beach balls. Being Lauryn, she used herself as our go-to guinea pig (thanks, girl). She tested literally every ice roller available, asked TSC community for their recs, but nothing was quite cutting it. And after YEARS of plotting, planning, testing, and ice rolling, The Skinny Confidential HOT MESS ICE ROLLER was born.

Lauryn went the ice roller route, because trendy jade rollers don’t have the cold temperature benefits. Plus they’re just too small, bigger is better when it comes to ice rolling. And, friends, you NEED that icy surface to get the full benefits from your roller. Stainless steel or, even better, aluminum rollers, can be kept in the freezer and really provide the best overall skin care benefits. Let’s get into that:

Is Ice Rolling Good for Your Face? 

YES - ice rolling is amazing for your face! The cold aluminum roller on TSC HOT MESS ICE ROLLER boosts your circulation and brings blood to the surface, which rejuvenates your skin by encouraging optimal cell function. 

Then, simultaneously, the rolling, massaging motion stimulates the lymphatic system. (Not as sexy as it sounds.) Your lymph nodes are responsible for the fluid in your face, so a little pressure can promote lymphatic drainage. This goes a long way to reduce swelling and other effects of excess fluid. 

So, yeah, this isn’t just some TikTok trend. Ice rolling is super good for your skin. 

But, we get that these technical terms don’t tell you EXACTLY what will happen if you add ice rolling to your skin care routine. So, let’s go there next. This is what you’ll likely see if you start pampering yourself with an ice roller facial massage: 

the benefits of ice rolling for your face

The Benefits of Ice Rolling Your Face:

Ditch facial puffiness from your period, old make-up, a hangover, or a good-ass night’s sleep.

There’s a lot in our lives that can cause our face to puff up like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Make-up products abandoned on your skin overnight, a night out drinking, your time-of-the-month, or just a really fucking good night of sleep can make you retain fluids like no other. 

However, massaging your face with the ice roller can help reduce inflammation, therefore reduce puffiness! Think about how an ice pack reduces swelling . . . now add in the rolling mechanism that stimulates that lymphatic system. The draining of the extra fluid can de-puff your face and leave you with a toned and youthful look. AMAZING.

Reduce redness & improve skin tone.

We all love a little natural blush, but not, like, ALL OVER. Broken capillaries and poor circulation in the face can make your face red with a totally uneven skin tone. Then, you spend half of your make-up routine color correcting to get it back on track.

However, when you start your day with ice rolling, you can reduce redness some without the green primer and powder. The icy temps shrink blood vessels and encourage circulation. This often revives your skin's natural bronzy complexion! (Yes, please!!!)

Lift, tone, & tighten your skin. 

Swelling sucks, but so does sagging skin. Ice rolling can make your skin as tight as Taylor and Selena’s friendship. Seriously. Studies have shown, using a roller can help tighten the skin up! Substances in the skin that give it structure and elasticity increased with those who had facial massages. The regular massaging motion was thought to have lifted and tightened the skin around the face to create beautiful balanced facial features.

ice roller benefits for face

Soothe pain, itching, irritation—any unpleasant feelings you’ve got going on. 

If you have pain or itching from acne, surgery, or other injuries, the ice roller can be your SAVIOR. It’s basically an ice pack for your face. It can reduce pain and inflammation, which can improve your symptoms overall. And, who doesn’t like a relaxing massage, anyway? Regardless if you have an irritant? Treat-yo-self.

Freeze away those dark circles.

The purple, puffy bags under your eyes? An ice roller can help with that. The icy and massage-y combo can help alleviate dilated blood vessels and swelling that makeunder eyes bags look so prominent. Like, really really. 

Just like with the red skin, the temperature and motion increases blood flow to even out facial color. And, like with other facial swelling, getting some of that excess fluid to drain can reduce your inflammation. (We know what you’re thinking, “Is this going to save me money on concealer??” Honestly. It probably will.) 

Give your skin a glow-up.

Altogether, ice rolling just makes skin shine. Of course, we already know the way the process boosts circulation gives you a radiant and consistent skin tone. But, the motion also stimulates cell turnover. When cells turnover, old cells are dying off and flaking away. Basically, the old is getting replaced with the new! 

As your cells regenerate, your skin’s texture smooths out and evens. Plus, it reduces the appearance of any imperfections over time. Yes—there are long-term benefits of ice rolling. Grabbing the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is really an investment in your lifelong skincare routine. Check out the long-term benefits below: 

The Long Term Benefits of Ice Rolling Your Face

When you’re ice rolling regularly, you can expect some additional benefits. Not every effect above is permanent, but there are long-term gains that you’ll see once you’ve been ice rolling long enough. Here are some ways you may see your skin benefit from using an ice roller LONG TERM:

  • Shrink pores and send acne/oily skin back to high school where it belongs.
  • Tone your face muscles.
  • Reduce the appearance of crow's feet, parenthesis, worry lines, and the rest. 
  • Encourage cell renewal, blood flow, and the circulation of nutrients. 
  • Minimize the appearance of scars. (But, you can still tell the cool stories.) 
  • Manage symptoms from facial procedures.
  • Boost your mood.
ice rolling works like a charm and has so many skin benefits

So yes, ice rolling your face actually works. Like a charm, actually.

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