Ice Roller vs Jade Roller

Ice Roller vs Jade Roller

Facial massages should be a part of everyone’s daily skincare routine. Seriously! There are so many beauty benefits to daily facial massages, it’s not something we can go without. 

These face massages basically give you a natural facelift and help make your skin stay youthful and glowing for life. (Of course, if you do them every day like we recommend.) 

There are two pillars of great skincare here at The Skinny Confidential: sunscreen and face massages!!! 

It’s THAT important. 

Luckily, facial massages aren’t even that hard. You just need an understanding of facial pressure points and the right facial massaging tools.

You wanna know the all-star face massaging tool? FACIAL ROLLERS! 

These things make giving yourself a massage so easily and they hold sooo many skincare benefits

However, there are two main types of rollers out there: jade rollers and ice rollers. But, which is better? That’s what we’re going to be exploring today!

Here’s the skinny on are the deets on ice rollers vs jade rollers:

Ice Roller vs Jade Roller

Difference Between Ice Roller And Jade Roller

The question about which tool serves you better is a little hard. Really the two tools are totally different and almost have different functions. It’s really not one or the other. 

Here are the main differences:

Ice Roller vs Jade Roller

What Is An Ice Roller?

An ice roller usually consists of a silicone or plastic handle and a metal roller. You put it in the freezer, and take it out daily (or multiple times a day) and give yourself a facial massage. 

It feels so fucking good, and it actually holds a lot of benefits, too. (Learn what ice rolling does for your face here.) 

With ice rollers, though, not all are created equal. So, Lauryn Bosstick, the founder of The Skinny Confidential produced her own ice roller called the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER

It’s seriously one of the most versatile AND beautiful tools out there. First of all, the whole thing is pink, even the aluminum roller. 

Second of all, the ergonomic, silicone handle provides the perfect grip and weight for massaging. 

Lastly, the whole thing is made of top-quality materials so that it won’t break even if you use it literally all the time. You can see what influencers have said about the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER here

But, before you make your decision, check out some of the benefits of ice rolling! 

Ice Roller Benefits

Ice Roller Benefits

Promotes lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage is like the best kept beauty secret. 

Massaging your lymph nodes triggers your lymphatic system, which can reduce swelling, detox the body, increase immunity, reduce headaches, and even promote healing!

Reduces facial puffiness and bloating.

There’s a lot that can contribute to a puffy face in the morning. Luckily, massaging and icing your face can reduce inflammation, which de-puffs your face! 

Improves skin tone.

Broken capillaries and poor circulation on your face can make your skin look uneven and red. The icy temp shrinks your blood vessels and encourages circulation to revive your natural bronzy complexion. 

Lifts, tones, and tightens your skin.

Facial massages can actually encourage your body to produce decorin, fibrillin, tropoelastin, and procollagen, which give your face structure and elasticity. That means tight and toned skin, guys!!!

Soothes pain, itching, and irritation.

For anyone with pain or itching from acne, surgery, or other irritants, ice rolling is LIFE-CHANGING. It’s like a massaging ice pack that feels so fucking good and melts away the pain. 

Freezes away dark circles.

Some of us have dark circles no matter how many hours of sleep we get at night. IT’S SO ANNOYING. An ice roller can help with that by reducing inflammation and encouraging extra fluid to drain.

Gives your skin that dewy glow.

A key to a youthful glow is moist, smooth skin. Ice rolling can help your skin stay snatched via increased blood flow, nutrient circulation, and cell turnover.

Basically, the ice rolling will gently flake away dead skin cells and encourage your face to produce new cells. As your cells regenerate, your skin's texture, color, and moisture level improve. It’s AMAZING! 

What Is A Jade Roller?

An ice roller sounds pretty amazing, but what is a jade roller? A jade roller is a smaller dual-sided roller made of jade stone. (Sometimes they’re made of rose quartz, too.) 

Jade has healing properties and it's naturally cool. (Not HOT MESS ICE ROLLER cold, but cool.) We love it for a more detailed massage, since the smaller rollers allow you to really focus on specific areas of your face. 

It’s also a little more compact for travel, so you can keep this guy in your purse all the time for jade rolling on the go. It’s pretty awesome. 

Jade Roller Benefits

Improves circulation.

Jade rolling increases blood flow which helps get the right nutrients to your skin. Healthier skin means fewer breakouts, less dryness, and a more even skin tone. YES PLZ!

Reduces wrinkles and revitalizes skin elasticity. 

Like ice rolling, jade rolling encourages your body to produce substances essential for skin structure and elasticity. This means jade rolling can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

Replenishes your facial muscles. 

Got tight facial muscles??? Facial tension is the worst because it can make you look and feel like shit!

Luckily, a jade roller can help release those contracted muscles to tone your face and bring you relief from any soreness! 

Promotes lymphatic drainage. 

We love lymphatic drainage–bye bye toxins, puffiness, and headaches! 

Regular facial massages can help promote the rejuvenating benefits of stimulating the lymphatic system. 

Which Is Better: Jade Roller Or Ice Roller?

Which Is Better: Jade Roller Or Ice Roller?

Why not both??? Truthfully, if we had to pick only one, we’d go with one face roller, and we’d go with the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER

It has a lot more uses (you can massage anywhere with it!) and it holds way more beauty benefits. The ice feature is just too good to pass on!

Face rollers are must-have skincare tools!

You need the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER on your vanity. Not only does it unlock a whole bunch of beauty benefits, but it’s also cute AF. 

When you really fall in love with daily facial massages, grab a jade roller too and ICE QUEEN FACE OIL. That way, your roller glides across your skin and the oil’s ingredients give you a full spa experience. 

Yes, it’s that fucking good. 

For more skincare tips and must-have products, check out The Skinny Confidential Shop! We have everything you need to curate the perfect beauty routine—just don’t forget to write it all down in your HOT MINUTE PLANNER!

Cya there!