A Guide To Facial Pressure Points

a guide to facial pressure points

There are few things more important than facial massages in your beauty routine. Seriously, it's a no brainer. 

There are SO many benefits to attacking muscle tension with quality products and a really simple daily routine. But everything in life needs a strategy, right? Well, your facial massage routine is no different. So let's get strategic with it. Hear us out.

Enter, facial pressure points. Facial massage on its own is a gem, but add in the knowledge of facial pressure points, where they are, and how focusing on them can seriously change the game for you. It's a winning beauty and wellness strategy to say the least. You can lift, tone, and sculpt, PLUS get some added benefits (which we’ll cover below).

So, let’s dive in. Today, we’re giving you the DL on facial pressure points and facial massage. This info is like the best kept secret of the beauty world, and we’re ready to spill the tea. Here’s what’s up:

what are pressure points?

A Guide To Facial Pressure Points

First things first, what are pressure points?

Muscles are made up of fibers and fascia (a casing that holds it all together). When we overuse a muscle, get injured, or just have bad posture, we can tighten up the fascia and fibers. 

When that happens, blood can’t flow through properly, causing chronic pain. And, the craziest thing is, when your muscle is tight, you could feel pain on some other muscle on the body. It’s called referred pain, and it just has to do with the way our body is all interconnected. 

So, what the hell does this have to do with pressure points? 

Well, in order to release the muscle, you’ve got to target specific pressure points on the muscles. Tightened muscles can’t heal on their own! You need to give them a little TLC. We’ll talk more about how to use those pressure points below: 

how does pressure point massage work

How Does Pressure Point Massage Work?

Acupressure massages work by applying pressure to release or soften up those stubborn, tight muscles. 

Small circular motions push blood through the muscles and get rid of junk like toxins that are collected in those rigid fibers. (Gross.) As this happens, the muscles heal from whatever trauma they endured. 

The best part about all this? You can TOTALLY do this yourself. No massage therapist or complicated trigger point therapy needed. 

First, you just have to target an area of your body to work with. And, remember, we’re talking about face massages in this post! 

This type of massage specifically targets our strained facial muscles. We think it’s one of the most important types of massages to incorporate into your daily routine, because there are tons of benefits of facial massage beyond reducing pain

Massages make your skin glow as the motion encourages collagen production. And, all that increased blood flow will help tighten up the skin for a noticeable anti-aging effect. Plus, it’s the fucking BEST for lymphatic drainage. (That’s the one that boosts immunity, reduces swelling, and gives you healthy looking skin!) 

Sooooo . . . let’s get to it. It’s time for you to do your first ever facial massage. We recommend some great tools like our PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER, but you could start with your hands. 

Once you have your tool of choice and some ICE QUEEN FACE OIL, you just need to know where to massage. Below, we have the main pressure points mapped out. Locate those areas and then start rolling your PINK BALLS in an upward motion across the muscle, the massager will take care of the rest. 

facial pressure points infographic with face and defined pressure points

Get To Know Each Facial Pressure Point:

Nose Groove

Yeah, that’s not what it’s officially called, but a lot of the names of pressure points are just a list of letters and numbers, which is boring and hard to remember. Nose groove it is. 

Anyway, this one is right where your nostril and cheek meet. It’s a good one to massage to clear congestion and make the skin on your cheeks glow.


To relieve toothaches, tinnitus, and other pain along your ears and jaw bone, make sure you get this pressure point. It’s right in that space where your ear meets your face. 

Upper Lip

This one is right between the nose in the upper lip. In addition to great anti-aging benefits, it also is theorized to have calming effects.

Third Eye

This guy is right between the brows and can be a source of a lot of pain. We express a lot with our brows and just strain our eye area overall throughout the day, so it makes sense why it tightens up so often. Make sure to hit this area when massaging.


Your temple tension could be the source of regular nasty headaches. Releasing pressure here can help give you relief from those frequent migraines. 


Your lymphatic vessels are all along your jawline. Taking your roller across your jawline will encourage lymphatic drainage and as it reduces inflammation you’ll feel like you lost literally pounds off your face. It’s amazing.

A facial massage can make your skin look and feel healthier! 

Alright, it’s time to add facial massages into your morning routine. DO NOT start your day or dare put on your make-up without giving yourself this easy self-care spa day experience. You can watch The Skinny Confidential CEO Lauryn Bosstick’s morning facial massage here so you know you’re doing it properly. 

You need to do this every day regardless of your skin type to get a perfectly sculpted face with glowing skin. Try it out with our legendary face roller and let us know the big difference you see in your beauty game. 

You can check out our whole shop of skincare products that will make your morning routine more effective and SO much more fun. We all need a little more baby pink in the morning, don’t we?