Why You Need Sun Protection Gloves for Driving

  • Let’s set the scene. Shall we?

You're cruising down the road listening to Bossa nova or your favorite podcast and the sun is high in the sky. Like, she’s out, beaming down on you, we’re talking full on rays shining down on  your skin. You know when you can see the little rainbow in your water bottle? YEAH, it’s happening.

At first, you’re not bothered by the sun. You’ve got sunglasses and your favorite sunscreen on. But, then you look at your hands on the wheel. Hopefully in the perfect 10 & 2 o’clock driving position (because, safety first), and think. . . Oh shit. What about my hands? 

Yeah. YOU CANNOT forget your hands. They’re easy to forget, which is why they are honestly one of the first places to show signs of aging. When you come across someone with glowing hands, you know their skincare game is ON POINT. The hands take extra awareness, care & protection. So what is the game plan for hand protection from the sun?

ENTER: Sun Protection Gloves…FOR DRIVING.

Yep, it’s a thing.

If you’ve ever looked into sun protection driving gloves, the selection is pretty BLAH. The driving glove space was black, heavy duty, and looking a little gardener-esque for our taste. It needed a glow up, an upgrade, its own avant-garde moment if you will.

We searched high and low, there were no high-quality and stylish options out there. Driving with sun protection gloves is the ideal way to preserve your skin’s youthful look. So in true TSC fashion, we at The Skinny Confidential have come up with a solution that protects your hands AND honestly is pretty chic.

But, before we get to that, let’s answer the question: “Why the fuck do I need driving gloves?” (Aside from looking like Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.)

There are a ton of reasons to wear sun protection gloves not only while driving, but doing other outdoor activities too. Here’s why shielding your beautiful hands from UV light is a smart preventative beauty move:

why you need sun protection gloves for driving

Why You Need Sun Protection Gloves for Driving

♡ Anti-Aging. 

Here’s to getting wiser, but not older! 

Kidding. (Kind of.) But, driving gloves can seriously help prevent your hands from looking old and wrinkly. (We’ll get to wrinkly in a minute.) 

When you have too much sun exposure, your hands can develop brown spots, red patches, and  purple spider veins. That’s a hard pass, if you ask us. 

But, when you protect your skin from the effects of the sun, you won’t see marks like this sprout after a nasty sunburn. Your skin stays baby-smooth and eternally youthful.

The fountain of youth is sunscreen and UPF clothing, fam!

♡ Combat wrinkles. 

Okay, we mentioned wrinkles. It’s true, sun damage actually changes your skin’s DNA and can lead to rapid aging. 

And, sun damage isn’t just from an extreme sunburn. You don’t need peeling and blistering to speed up the aging process. Any sun exposure at all without coverage can result in deterioration. 

So, week after week on the tennis courts or hours a day driving in the car with the sun beating down, and suddenly, your face says, “Let’s rave!” and your hands say, “Let’s retire!” Long story short, keep your gloves on and protect your gorgeous hands from UV damage.

♡ Prevent skin cancer. 

Excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. When your skin is tan, it’s actually your body’s trauma response as it attempts to heal the effects of the harmful UV rays. 

With every sunburn and tanning appointment, every drive without protective gloves, you increase your chances of potentially developing skin cancer.

Don’t mess around with this. Cover up, and apply sunscreen. Your hands are no exception!

why you need driving gloves

♡ Better than sunscreen. 

You guys already know we don’t fuck around about applying sunscreen here. However, covering your skin works even better than wearing sunscreen.

A true covering prevents your skin from having any contact at all with the sun, whereas the sunscreen’s coating tries to reflect the sun’s rays. This works well, but you have to keep reapplying the sunscreen all day and it’s easy to forget to put on that next layer. 

Now, when you’re driving, and that sun is beating down on your hands the whole way, you don’t want to be reaching for SPF, trying to lather it on mid drive. Let’s be safe y’all. 

So, when you’re cruising down the road, we suggest you wear sunscreen AND a pair of driving gloves. The more protection the better.

♡ Stay cool. 

Driving gloves can actually help you stay cool. Heat causes your blood vessels to dilate and more fluid starts running through. This causes swelling, itching, discoloration, and an overall uncomfortable experience if you like to wear rings and bracelets. No one wants giant swollen fingers. 

Rather than having sweaty palms or swollen fingers, your hands can stay comfortably protected from the effects of the UV rays AND the heat with sun protecting gloves. They’re a win all around. 

♡ Look chic. 

Okay, let’s be real. The reason you don’t wear driving gloves is because what’s on the market is 100% not cute.

As much as we like function, we can’t compromise fashion. Not an option. 

So, we created our own sun protection gloves that’ll keep you safe and SNATCHED. There’s no compromise here, girlfriend. Check them out:

Sun Protection Gloves for Ladies with Style

Preventative beauty is not just a trend, it’s a movement. 

Big-ass umbrellas, giant hats, bomb sunglasses, and all the SPF products you can grab will go a long way to keep your skin protected. But, we’ve got to guard those hands, and do it with style. 

Our BOUGIE DRIVING GLOVES are buttery soft, breathable, stretchy, and drop dead gorgeous. They’re the accessory you never knew you wanted or needed. And, voilà. . . here they are! 

With UPF 50, they block out 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause wrinkles, aging, and skin cancer. You can even double-up and wear the gloves with sunscreen too. (Our favorites for hands are Supergoop, Ombrelle, and KINeSYS.)

They’re extra gripping for driving, but fingerless, so you can keep doing whatever task is at hand. And, of course, they’re pink and totally princess-esque to give you the ultimate fashion moment.

Though we say “driving gloves,” you could use these for any sun-exposing excursion! Here are some activities where you should definitely keep your hands preserved and cherished inside our bougie driving gloves: 

+ Playing outdoor sports like tennis, golf, and beach volleyball
+ Walking the dog or walking with a stroller
+ Running or jogging (make sure you complete the look with some killer athletic wear.)
+ Swimming, cold plunging or hot tubbing
+ Yachting like a QUEEN
+ Eating brunch and drinking mimosas on the patio
+ Watching sporting events 
+ Browsing the farmers market
+ Touring or sightseeing outside
+ Working in an office next to a large window 
+ Attending outdoor events like garden parties and showers
+ Drinking lemon drop martini at sunset 

    Whatever you have on the schedule, our BOUGIE DRIVING GLOVES have got you covered. (Like, literally). 

    purchase sun protection gloves for driving

    When are you going to get your hands on some BOUGIE DRIVING GLOVES?

    Okay, these puns are going to age us faster than the sun will. But, get your driving gloves HERE. These are a must-have preventive beauty item! 

    You’ll be happy you bought them this summer, but you’ll be really glad you bought them twenty summers from now when your skin still looks as young and tight as Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. #Goals.

    If you want more info on skin protection, check out Lauryn’s book Get the F*ck Out of the Sun' and this episode of the GTFOOTS Podcast. And, for regular beauty and skincare tips come back weekly to stay in the know. We’ll make sure you have all the tea on trending beauty and more.