How To Depuff Your Face After Drinking

how to depuff your face after drinking

What's a great night without a few drinks??? Whether you're celebrating a holiday or spending the evening with the girls, an alcoholic beverage or two (or more) can make a night that much more special. 

Still, after an evening of fun - there are consequences… You know what we're talking about!!! The headache, the bad breath, the fatigue… and the dreaded puffy face. 

Your face gets puffy after drinking because alcohol is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates you. A dehydrating drink encourages your body to hold onto the water it already has in its system. 

This fluid retention makes your face look super bloated. Add lack of sleep to this mix after a boozy night out, and your skin can look puffy, dull, red, and even wrinkled. NO THANKS!!! 

So…what are we gonna do about this??? Below, I've got some tips to help you depuff your face after a big night. We got you, girl!! 

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How To Depuff Your Face After Drinking

Drink water. 

Obvi if your problem is dehydration, rehydrating needs to be your number one goal! To do that, drink a tooonn of water. Your body will actually retain less fluid when you're well hydrated! 

Hydrate with minerals and electrolytes. 

Rehydration is key, but if you strategically rehydrate, you'll get even more benefits!! To reduce facial puffiness, drink water with minerals and electrolytes like Quinton Minerals. 

There are sooo many benefits, and our founder, Lauryn Bosstick drinks two vials of Quinton Minerals in her hungover mornings. It's that good!! 

It can help your body get hydrated, get rid of toxins, and maintain healthy electrolyte balance. Plus, it can help you get better sleep!!! All of this is great for reducing facial puffiness. 

You can read more about Quinton Minerals here, and listen to this episode of the Him & Her podcast all about hydration. The point is, it's time to get to drinking!!! (the healthy stuff this time.) 


One of the best ways to depuff your face is with the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. The icy aluminum roller reduces inflammation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Both of these help reduce facial bloating!!!

For the most benefit use the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER with the ICE QUEEN FACE OIL. The oil can help rehydrate your face too, getting you back to your snatched self ASAP!

Here's how to use an ice roller if you're new to it! It's super easy and a hangover is one of the best times to ice roll. However, there are so many other beneficial times to use the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER, making it a super useful skincare must-have! 

If you don't have the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER yet, get one! But, while you wait for it to arrive, try massaging your face with the DIY milk ice cubes. ;)


Massaging your face is another good way to reduce puffiness. The circular motions of the PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER encourage lymphatic drainage and improves circulation to help you ditch water retention and remove toxins. Bye, bye puffy face!! 

P.S The ICE QUEEN FACE OIL is also perfect for a depuffing massage!!!

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Dunk your face. 

When you touch something cold, blood rushes to the surface and tightens up your skin, reducing puffiness. So, dunking your face in cold water is super helpful for reducing facial bloating (especially puffiness around the under eye area.) 

Dunking your face can also help with acne, inflammation, irritation, and even the appearance of wrinkles. Seriously, there are so many reasons to do this!!

All you gotta do is fill up a large bowl with ice water and dunk your face at least ten times. It feels sooo good and makes such a big difference! 

Get in the sauna. 

Our body naturally gets rid of fluids through sweating. This makes the sauna a fantastic place to depuff and relax after a late night. It also helps with acne and circulation, which you can read more about HERE

Sleep on your back. 

Sleeping on your back is the best for your skin. It causes the least amount of fluid retention and prevents wrinkles on one side of your face. It's a simple change that can have big results!!!

Do a little exercise. 

Remember, sweat helps reduce swelling. Doing some cardio can really help! However…maybe you should keep the music and lights down to keep it hangover-friendly lol. 

Wear a vitamin C/lactic acid mask. 

Vitamin C and lactic acid are like the ultimate skincare duo. You can hear our friend Dr. Dennis Gross talk about it in this episode of the Him & Her podcast. 

Basically, vitamin C is a super ingredient for skincare that can improve redness, reduce puffiness, and minimize inflammation. Then lactic acid comes in and helps vitamin C be even more effective. (Learn more about the skin benefits of vitamin C here.)

How are you gonna get vitamin C and lactic acid to your puffy face??? Using a face mask!! This vitamin C brightening face mask from Dr. Dennis Gross is our absolute favorite!!! 

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Keep your face snatched after a hangover using these helpful tips!

You deserved a night out. Don't avoid a boozy evening with friends because of the hangover symptoms. Use these tips to fight facial bloat and check out The Skinny Confidential hangover survival guide to get through the rest. No matter how wild your evening is, we've got you covered at The Skinny Confidential Shop!!!