The Absolute Best Beginner Contour Face Chart

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Back in middle school when we all started doing makeup and developing our routine, contouring basically wasn’t a thing. Well, it was among makeup artists, but not even the popular girls at your school were chiseling their faces with contour palettes. 

However, in recent years, everyone has seen the absolute MAGIC of face contouring. You can sculpt your face and create an Instagram-worthy makeup look with no filters required. To help the everyday woman get this look, cosmetic companies at all price points have released contour products. 

But, if you’ve been stuck in your routine and haven’t ventured into the world of contouring, it’s not too late to teach a glam girl new tricks! With this beginning contour guide, you can achieve this gorgeous makeup trend!

Here’s how you do it:

Best Beginner Contour Face Chart

The Absolute Best Beginner Contour Face Chart 

We love this beginner contour face chart, because it’s super simple and pretty much universal! Once you get really into contouring, you can tweak this chart to enhance your specific face shape. 

You can see where to put shadow, highlight, and blush to create the illusion of a sculpted face with extra dimension. Just print this out or save it on your phone and you’ll be a contouring PRO in no time.

contour chart for beginners

How To Contour Your Face For Beginners

Step 1: Prep your face for makeup. 

Before you do anything with makeup, you need to do your skincare routine! Putting makeup on top of dry, crusty skin will not give you the results you want, guys. 

We have an AMAZING beginner skincare routine here that you can read all about. But, in summary, you first need cleanser, then the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER, followed by toner, then eye cream, next ICE QUEEN FACE OIL, and finally SPF moisturizer. (You should also consider shaving.) 

With this skincare routine, you’ll have the perfect canvas for makeup and contouring. Your skin will be moist, shiny, and ready to absorb products!

If this is all new and a little intimidating, grab the HOT MINUTE PLANNER. It is by far the best way to track your routines and reach your beauty goals! 

Step 2: Sculpt your jawline.

Before you get to using contour to create the illusion of a sculpted face—sculpt your face for real! 

Use the PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER along your jawline and cheekbones to encourage lymphatic drainage and shape your ideal features. 

The face massage feels amazing, and it can help tighten and lift your skin for a totally tone face. Pretty great, right??? Here’s more on how to sculpt your face with the PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER. 

Step 3: Start with a good foundation. 

Finally, it’s time for makeup! Use a high-quality primer for your face, then use concealer on anything you want to cover, and finish up with a clean foundation

Your skin tone will now be even, but flat. We need to give it a little dimension with the contouring process! 

Step 4: Add your shadows. 

It’s time to add your shadows! Use the darker shade of your powder contour palette or cream contour stick and follow the chart above. (The shade should be a few shades darker than your foundation.) 

You’ll need shadow on your chin, below your cheekbones, and at the top of your forehead. Just make the lines for now—no blending yet! 

Step 5: Apply highlighter. 

Next, apply your highlighter. Copy the placement from the chart, placing highlighter on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your forehead. 

Again, do not blend. Just put it on there. (Yes, you’ll look like a high school football player with all the markings, but just hold tight.) 

Step 6: Give your cheeks some color. 

For the final contour layer, you need blush! This goes right below your cheekbones, between your shadow and highlight. 

Step 7: Blend it out!

Now for the transformation! Take a beauty blender or angled brush and blend your shades together. Make sure you keep the products in the area you want them, but fade those hard lines to be more gradual. 

The goal here is for the blending to complete the illusion! Your face will have the illusion of dimension and perfect sculpting. 

Step 8: Do the rest of your makeup. 

Go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup. Eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick—whatever you’re into! It all goes on top of your contour. 

Step 9: Lock it in place with setting spray. 

Finally, you don’t want your contour and makeup fading by lunchtime. Set it with an SPF setting spray or setting powder that’ll protect your makeup and protect your skin from the sun. We always love a 2 for 1! 

how to contour your face for beginners
Use this contour chart to reach all your beauty goals! 

Contouring is basically a super power. Once you get good at it, you’ll definitely feel that boost of confidence you’re looking for. For more beauty tips and must-have products, check out The Skinny Confidential Shop blog! We’ve got lots of information to help you bump up your beauty game.